1. One of the things associated with democracy is that Governments and the people must subscribe to the Rule of Law.

2. We all believe that if we do this, we will enjoy good governance and, the people would be protected through the application of laws.

3. But now we are seeing laws being used to do things that cannot be considered as democratic or even just.

4. For example people can elect the Government through elections. But now we see the Government of the people’s choice being replaced by a Government of the people rejected by them. The losers rule. The winners form the opposition.

5. You would think this is wrong. But the law says it is legal. It is therefore a part of the rule of law. We must accept.

6. In Sabah, State assemblymen who are supporters of the Government, suddenly left the Government. Why? The only explanation is that they had been bribed.

7. The Government had to be dissolved, a new election held and the people rejected in the original election now form the Government.

8. Again, this is legal. This is a part of the rule of law and must be accepted.

9. Then the former Ketua Menteri (Chief Minister) who faced 42 charges of financial wrong doings had all the charges withdrawn by the Attorney General (A.G.).

10. Again, it is all legal. The A.G. has the right to withdraw charges. The rule of law is not breached.

11. In another case, the accused gave back some of the money he was alleged to have stolen. He was discharged on the promise that he would return the rest of the money later on. It is also legal.

12. And now a man who bribed a minister was fined after he admitted to doing so. But the minister who accepted the bribe is discharged without being acquitted.

13. Again, it is completely legal and in accord with the Rule of Law.

14. Maybe later on even a man convicted of stealing millions of Government money will be pardoned. This too would be according to the law.

15. All these are in accordance with the law. Criminals can go unpunished. Crimes can be committed without fearing the law.

16. All are done according to the rule of law.

17. We are going to see criminals enjoying a free life according to the law.

18. It seems that the rule of law can be so abused that justice will not be done.

One Reply to “THE RULE OF LAW”

  1. Here is extraction from the correct news link:

    When Mrs May ;said earlier this year that no Brexit deal was “better than a bad deal”, the UK prime minister was issuing a threat. If negotiations go badly, Britain will walk away and metamorphose into a minimally regulated tax-haven, ready to pinch business from the continent — a self-styled “Singapore of Europe”.

    There is a deeper historical parallel here, given that Singapore once endured a kind of disorderly exit of its own. Having won independence after the second world war, it joined a new Malaysian federation in 1963, only to crash out two years later. Against the odds, it then transformed itself from a humid, malarial entrepôt into a rich financial hub, providing a template Britain may now try to follow.

    It is easy to mock this comparison. The historical parallels are a mess for a start, not least because Singapore left its own union with such great reluctance. On the day break-up was triggered in 1965, Lee Kuan Yew, the stern national patriarch who led the country for many decades, wept openly on national television.

    Many things the Brexiters think they admire about Singapore also turn out to be only half-true. Singapore is indeed a competitive market economy with relatively low tax and a threadbare social safety net. But rather than a model of laissez-faire capitalism, its state is actually highly interventionist, from its famous chewing-gum ban to wide-ranging public ownership of everything from banks to airlines.


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